Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Information

We shall endeavor to dispatch the goods to you as soon as possible after you place your order (subject to the order having been accepted by us as will be confirmed to you by email), normally within 2 working days or less if the goods are in stock, and in any event within 30 days beginning on the day after you place your order. If we are unable to dispatch the goods within that time we will email to let you know and give you an estimated delivery date and you will have the right to cancel your order and receive a full refund as set out in that email.

As soon as the goods are delivered to you, you are responsible for them.

Shipping Charges

Order ValueStandard Ground2 Day (Only Contiguous 48)Overnight (Only Contiguous 48)Canada Standard
$0 - $25$5.99 $17.95 $28.95 $11.99
$25.01 - $50$7.99 $19.95 $32.95 $13.99
$50.01 - $100$11.99 $22.95 $35.95 $17.99
$100.01 - $200.00$13.99 $25.95 $46.95 $24.99
$200.00+$17.99 $29.95 $54.95 $28.99

Oversized Products Incur a $10 Surcharge

Sponsorship, Donations, Professional Staff

Does Ugly Stik® provide sponsorship for individuals?
Thank you for your interest in sponsorship and desire to support the Ugly Stik® brand. Our pro staff is fully booked and we are not adding any new sponsorships at this time. We wish you well with your fishing endeavors and appreciate your brand loyalty.

Does Ugly Stik® provide donations for events?
We receive thousands of requests for donations every year. It is not possible for us to assist with all of them. If you wish to submit a request for a product donation, please complete the online application found at Your application must be submitted through this form in order to be considered. If you have not received a response within two weeks of your event this means we were not able to offer support at this time. As you submit your request, please include the following information:

  • Event Sponsor/Organizer
  • A main contact for the donation with their title, phone number, e-mail, & shipping address
  • A brief explanation of the event along with its purpose
  • Event date
  • How the donation will be used
  • Who will be attending the event (Ex. Adults, children, students, families, etc.)
  • How many attendees are expected?
  • How will the donation be used?

Miscellaneous Product Information

Does Ugly Stik have any current Special Offers?
Individual promotions and rebates can be found on the product pages. See a complete listing of Ugly Stik Special Offers.

How do I find out the status of my rebate?
If you have questions about your rebate, please visit or call 844-946-8720 M-F 7a – 7p CST; Saturday 8a – 5p CST.

Can I receive a Ugly Stik® product catalog?
The Ugly Stik® product catalog is available exclusively online as an e-catalog for your convenience.

Does Ugly Stik® have Decals/Stickers/Patches/Apparel?
Thank you for your interest in displaying the our logos. We currently have decals and Ugly Stik apparel on our website

Can Ugly Stik® assist with valuing old rods or reels?
Ugly Stik® is fortunate to have a rich heritage and many people throughout the world that collect Ugly Stik® products. Valuing or identifying older products can be tricky. Due to the nature of the vintage market, Ugly Stik® has chosen to focus on its core strengths of design and manufacturing of fishing tackle and does not provide a valuing or identification service.

Why is my item not shown on the web site?
Every year Ugly Stik® manufactures many different rod and reel models. We work closely with our retail partners to provide exclusive items sold only through their retail and online storefronts. These exclusive items are not listed on the Ugly Stik® website but can generally be found on the sites belonging to our customers. Many of the exclusive brand products are very similar to an item on the Ugly Stik® website but only those products that are available nationwide throughout all retailers are listed on the website. In addition, if a product is discontinued, it may no longer be visible on the website.


How do I submit an idea or invention to Ugly Stik® for consideration?
Thank you for your interest in sharing an invention idea with Ugly Stik®. Occasionally we are contacted regarding products and inventions which the submitter hopes may be of value to our business. While some submissions are made without thought of compensation, in other instances the submitter believes their submission will result in Ugly Stik® having an obligation to provide payment of some kind. We want such persons to protect their interests. At the same time, we must also protect our interests. We maintain a large research staff and various outside consultants to find ways to improve our products and to develop new ones. Thus, it is quite possible one of our own employees or consultants has already conceived of the same or similar idea as that which you wish to submit, or that we have already noted the idea in various trade and scientific publications.

We have found it necessary, therefore, to adopt a uniform policy for the consideration of all ideas, products, and inventions submitted to us by persons outside of our organization. Under this policy, we can consider only those suggestions for which a copy of our Submission Form has been completed. If the terms herein are acceptable to you, please check the appropriate box, sign, and return the form to us by mail or fax along with a description of your idea, product, or invention. Upon receipt, we will then be able to send your input to the appropriate department for consideration. After we have studied your idea and/or proposal, we will contact you if we have interest in pursuing further discussions regarding its commercialization. Please note that we are unable to accept non-patented ideas for which the submitter expects compensation.

Invention Submission Forms can be sent to the following address:

Ugly Stik®
Invention Submission c/o Marketing
7 Science Court
Columbia, SC 29203

Career Opportunities

How do I find out more about career opportunities?
Please visit the Career Section of the Pure Fishing website for information on career opportunities.

Becoming a Dealer

My business is located in the Americas. How do I become a retailer/dealer for Ugly Stik®?
If you are interested in becoming a dealer or retailer of our products and are located in the Americas (South, North, or Central America), contact us at with the following information:

  • Name & brief description of the business
  • Contact name, phone number, e-mail & address (including country)
  • Type of Business
  • Retailer (physical building)
  • E-commerce (internet store)
  • Both retailer & E-commerce
  • Do you have someone at your company that is English speaking?
  • Length of time as an operational business
  • Expected annual sales
  • Percentage of annual sales that are currently fishing tackle
  • A listing of fishing tackle brands currently sold by your business

My business is located outside of the Americas. How do I become a retailer/dealer?
If you are interested in becoming a retailer/dealer of Ugly Stik® products outside of the Americas, please contact the appropriate office listed here.